Unlimited Assistance Plan Authorized Support Contact Change Requests

DM2 Software

The Unlimited Assistance Plan (UAP) includes two (2) authorized contacts and one (1) additional contact for StoreLink. Additional contacts may be authorized at the discretion of DM2 Software for an annual fee per additional contact.

Unlimited Assistance Plan Authorized Support Contact Change Request Form

Please enter the following information to change or add an Authorized Support Contact to your Unlimited Assistance Plan:

Clicking “Submit” confirms that you are authorizing DM2 Software to make this change to your Unlimited Assistance Plan.

This also authorizes DM2 Software to contact the above authorized contacts for the purposes of maintaining the existing business relationship between DM2 and your organization. DM2 may send support information, product announcements, customer newsletters, event announcements and other news related to DM2 and its suppliers. DM2 will not share contact information except where required by law.