Supply Chain Automation

DM2 and DTN1In partnership with DTN, DM2 has taken supply chain management automation to the next level.  By adding our suite of DTN Supply Chain Automation Interfaces to your

Petroleum Insights accounting/ERP and CRM system, you can reduce labor costs while improving accuracy by automating the following routine processes:

Bill of Lading – our Bill of Lading interface automatically imports Bills of Lading and populates the fields in your DM2’s Bill of Lading Module. All that’s left for you to do is enter where the product was delivered.

Credit Card – the Credit Card interface gives you the ability to download your Dealer Credit Card information and post it to their accounts.

Invoice Export – our new DTN Invoice Export Interface exports invoice data to DTN for normalization and EDI delivery to your accounts in the format they require. After exports are completed, an audit log is created to identify which invoices were sent. Invoices are then tagged as “Sent” so your open Accounts Receivables can identify which invoices have been successfully exported.

Supplier Cost – our most popular interface, the Supplier Cost interface imports supplier costs directly into your fuel price tables or allows you to bring the costs into a spreadsheet to easily make changes before importing them into your pricing tables.  This interface includes FTP capability to automatically check for price changes every 15 minutes. 

Supplier EFT – the Supplier EFT interface imports Supplier EFT information and then automatically matches them up with the correct Supplier Invoice. 

Supplier Invoice – the Supplier Invoice interface imports supplier invoices and automatically matches invoices to your Bills of Ladings.  This interface allows you to set-up an approved tolerance.  If the match is within tolerance the software would automatically clear the Bill of Lading and set up the invoice for payment.  If they are not within tolerance the invoice will appear on a report. 

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