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DM2 Sage Circles - March 8, 2018Check out our New Feature Summary to learn about the benefits you’ll receive when you upgrade to the latest releases of Petroleum Insights ERP & CRM

Similar to your system installations, all system upgrades follow a proven 9 Phase process. To facilitate high quality upgrades, DM2 performs Upgrade Evaluations to check a variety of areas that may need to be addressed in your upgrade, such as: custom office modifications, custom forms, custom programming, non-custom code modifications (hard-coded configurations), Extended Solutions, third party solutions, trial-version software, custom reports, or custom menus.

How the upgrade process works and other Frequently Asked Questions…

Subscription and Maintenance & Support fees fund the ongoing development and support of upgrade software, enhancements, service packs and updates for the current platforms and modules licensed. Being current on Subscription and Maintenance & Support fees is required to receive access to DM2 and/or Sage upgrade software, enhancements, service packs and updates as well as to add additional user licenses and/or software modules.

Upgrade Plans and fees vary based on the type of software license being used:

On-Premise Subscription Licenses – Subscription fees fund the ongoing development of Subscription License modules subscribed to.  Depending on the option you’ve selected, Subscription fees may also fund the Professional Services installation and training labor required to perform standard upgrades to the latest production releases of the DM2 and Sage system software licenses subscribed to every three years based on a mutually agreed upon upgrade schedule.  Depending on the version you are upgrading from an additional fee may also be required to convert custom programming.

On-Premise Perpetual Licenses – Perpetual License Support and Maintenance Fees fund the ongoing development of Perpetual License modules acquired and includes all upgrade software and enhancements for those modules.  The Professional Services labor required to provide installation, training, and, depending on the version you are upgrading from, to convert custom programming is performed for an additional fee.

Find out what Hardware and Operating Systems are required to run the latest releases

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Please complete the following to start the Upgrade Evaluation process. By clicking SUBMIT, you authorize DM2’s Upgrade Team to begin your Upgrade Evaluation and bill you for any time that may be required for custom programming reviews. If required, once the custom programming review has been completed, a work order – with estimated cost for your upgrade – will be submitted for your final approval. By clicking SUBMIT you are also authorizing DM2 to obtain a current copy of your system’s data.
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We will be in contact with you shortly to arrange for the data transfer required for your upgrade evaluation. In the meantime, please feel free to contact DM2’s Upgrade Team at if you have any questions.