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Request for Professional Services

Welcome! Please tell us about your need and we will find the right resource to help you.
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  • What is the Problem (or Opportunity to seize)?

    This section is used to understand the problem side of the request - what are we trying to solve. Later we will explore the solution side.
  • Please describe the business "challenge" - a problem to solve, or an opportunity to seize. Please do not describe the solution just yet.
  • In what way does/will the problem present itself? How often does/will it show up? Think of downstream effects inside and outside the organization.
  • Please list examples of the benefits your organization would gain from solving this problem. Example "We can meet the new compliance requirements without having to manually create the report."
  • What are examples of cost savings (current or future), revenue enhancements (current or future), or profitability improvements (current or future). Please include real dollars if possible. "We expect automating this process to save us $15,000 a year."
  • How to Solve: Solution Definition

    "Really understanding the problem, is the first step towards a great solution."
  • Please share you ideas if you have specific solutions in mind. A good solution should consider items such as: Return on Investment, People Skills, Technical Capability, Timeline, Effects to other groups (inside and outside organization), and Effects to reporting and compliance.
  • Request for Services

  • Ballparks are very rough estimates based soley on the information in this form. Only Formal Requirements (based on interview with consultant) can be used to approve work.
  • Formal Requirements only - We can help you evaluate if your investment into a project is likely to yield an adequate return to justify the investment. Is this project truly in your best financial interest?
  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why does DM2 charge for formal estimates?

    The charge is really for the business analysis and consulting - not the estimate. DM2 is not trying to sell services; but to help customers evaluate what is in their best interest. Often our analysis recommends to not do a project - or to do a smaller version. And if a project is approved, then the requirement is used in the project execution.
  • Doesn't Subscription or Support fees cover this?

    No, those fees fund on-going development of the product, and staffing of the Support help desk; resources which benefit all customers. Professional Services receives no annual fees and is funded by only the customers who elect to use the resource.
  • Can I access and edit a previously submitted request?

    Not on-line. If you requested a Ballpark, and now wish to request a Formal Estimate - please submit a new request. If you requested a Formal Estimate and wish to make changes - please communicate your changes to your consultant.
  • How do I print my completed form?

    User your browser's print feature to print the page before pressing Submit.
  • Pressing Submit Acknowledges Agreement to these Terms of Service

    If you selected Ball Park there is no charge for a single estimate based on the information in this form. Ball Park estimates can not be used to approve project execution. If you selected Formal Requirement, then you are authorizing DM2 to perform billable T&M work (i.e. business analysis, research, interviews, project management, technical writing) to prepare a formal written requirement with estimated costs for your review and approval. Only Formal Work Order estimates can used to approve project execution. If DM2 believes this T&M work will exceed 3 hours, they will ask for your authorization prior to doing the work. Pressing Submit acknowledges agreement to these Terms of Service.
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