DM2-ERP-CRM-Wheel-transparent-overlay (Web Site) - January 27, 2018DM2 Support Team’s mission is to handle any issues with your Petroleum Insights accounting/ERP system that interfere with your business. In short, their job is to put you back in operation in as little time as possible so that the impact your business is minimal. DM2 s Support Agents are also here to answer specific questions about how the system operates.

The DM2 Unlimited Assistance Plan (UAP) is DM2’s program for providing technical and product related support to our customers. The UAP provides support via telephone, FAX, and e-mail from 5:00am to 5:00pm Pacific Time, Monday through Friday. The plan includes:

  • DM2 and Sage technical assistance
  • Software fixes
  • Answers about specific product features and operation
  • Access to DM2 Connections Forum

There is no limit to the number of cases/incidents you may bring to the attention of the DM2 Support Team, nor is there a limit to the amount of time DM2 Support Agents will spend on the resolution of your cases.

DM2 is constantly monitoring support cases and the key performance indicators that drive our support department to identify trends, improve our internal call handling processes and our Petroleum Insights system.

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