Equipment Management

DM2-ERP-CRM-Wheel-transparent-overlayDM2’s Equipment Manager™ module provides the ability to monitor and report on your customer agreements for loaned/leased equipment to determine if they are being fulfilled. By combining the ease-of-use features of Petroleum Insights world-class Sales Order, Inventory Management, and Accounts Receivable modules, DM2’s Equipment Manager module offers a single point to monitor customer loan agreements. After setting up serialized equipment and agreements, you can start assigning the equipment to your customer agreements.  No further setup is required to begin creating performance reports on the profitability of your loaned equipment. DM2’s Equipment Manager™ modules provides the ability to record and monitor agreements automatically as Sales Order information is updated.  Because of the tight integration with the update process, the Sales Order module also distributes quantities and dollar amounts into Equipment Manager.

Download the Equipment Manager sales data sheet below: