Consigned Stations

DM2-ERP-CRM-Wheel-transparent-overlayDM2’s Consigned Station module eliminates the need to maintain multiple spreadsheets and manually re-key information from the consigned stations you supply by automating three processes with just one click. Here’s how it works – consignees enter their meter and tank gauge or stick readings into the Consigned Station module’s secure and intuitive web portal from any web browser. Then, via an internet FTP connection to your web server, the system automatically imports these readings into the Consigned Station module. After you review the readings for accuracy and edit them as needed, simply click “Generate Invoices” to automatically calculate commissions, generate invoices and enter meter and tank gauge or stick readings into Site Tank Reconciliation. It’s that easy. Here are just a few of the features the Consigned Station module has to offer:

Calculates Profit Splits

Generates Consignee Invoices

Updates Inventory Levels

Updates Accounts Receivables

Manages Dealer Credit Cards

Download the Consigned Stations sales data sheet below: