Cardlock/Automated Fueling

CardLink - March 8, 2018DM2’s CardLink® module is the most widely used cardlock/automated fuel billing systems in the industry. CardLink offers the most  comprehensive Cardlock billing feature set available to date.  With the Autopoll feature, you can capture fueling transactions at  any time of day or night from all your remote sites. Once gathered, a variety of rules are available to price these transactions such as cost plus, OPIS, retail plus/minus, or volume discount. Then your federal, state, and local taxes are applied. Your invoices can group fueling transactions by card or vehicle and  also provide helpful data like “cost per mile”, MPG, and total miles driven. Billing cycles can be daily, weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly. CardLink can also be purchased as a stand-alone system only.  The new CardLink Alerts feature can automatically alert you and your customers of possible fraud issues. DM2’s eCardLink option gives your cardlock customers a web portal to access information generated by your CardLink module. CardLink  can be used with:

Proprietary Cards


Farm Plan

Pacific Pride


Download the CardLink sales data sheet: