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DM2 Sage Circles - March 8, 2018The only complete ERP and CRM solutions for Petroleum Marketers today

DM2 Software offers a complete suite of software solutions built on the Sage 100 and Sage CRM.

With over 50 applications specifically for petroleum marketers, our customers are able to take advantage of the best of today’s technologies to help manage and grow their businesses.

For more details, download the brochures and data sheets for  DM2’s complete line of software solutions for petroleum marketers.

Petroleum Insights ERP

A Sage Software Master Developer and Reseller since 1991, DM2  harnesses the power of Sage 100 and Sage CRM, general ERP (enterprise resource planning) and CRM (customer relationship management systems) designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized wholesale and distribution businesses, to create Petroleum Insights ERP, the most comprehensive system for petroleum marketers available today.

Petroleum Insights CRM

A standard feature found in all DM2 Petroleum Insights complete accounting/ERP systems, Petroleum Insights CRM offers unparalleled integration to empower your entire organization from marketing and sales to customer service and support to identify your highest value prospects and customers.  With over 25 years of experience serving the petroleum marketing industry, DM2 has tailored Petroleum Insights CRM’s menus, screens and workflows to meet the unique needs of petroleum marketers.  Unlike other so-called integrated systems that rely on periodic batch imports/exports or expensive API call-outs, Petroleum Insights CRM was designed from the start to be integrated with DM2’s Petroleum Insights complete accounting/ERP system.  Give your marketing, sales, customer service and support staff the real-time access to accurate up-to-the-minute information on your prospects and customers information when and wherever they need it.  Automate your marketing campaigns, reduce your sales cycles and streamline your routine processes all while improving customer satisfaction, customer retention and return on investment.

Petroleum Insights BI

Petroleum Insights ERP comes with several standard reporting tools: Crystal Reports, Business Insights Reporter, ProfitLink, ALE (Advanced Lookup Engine), Report Master, Sage Intelligence and also interfaces with ODBC compliant tools such as Microsoft Office.  The addition of our SQL Datawarehouse Reporting feature, extends the range of reporting tools/functionality available to you.

Accounts Receivable EFT

DM2’s AR EFT module puts you in control of collecting payments by giving you the ability to easily and automatically draft your customers’ bank accounts via EFT directly from within yourPetroleum Insights system.

Bill of Lading

DM2’s Bill of Lading module gives you complete control over every gallon of fuel as it moves from the rack to your customer.


CardLink combines world class accounting software in Sage 100 ERP with the most comprehensive cardlock billing feature set available to date.


Provide your cardlock customers with access to their CardLink information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any web browser with DM2’s eCardLink Web Portal.

Consigned Stations

DM2’s Consigned Station module eliminates the need to manually enter meter and tank gauge or stick readings, calculate commissions, generate invoices and update accounts receivables and inventory levels for the consigned stations you supply.

Credit Alerts

Credit Alerts extends the existing credit management tools built into Sage 100 ERP.

Delivery Scheduler

Delivery Scheduler provides automated keep full scheduling plus centralized dispatching for fuel and lubes deliveries.

DM2 Paperless Office

With DM2 Paperless Office, system documents are stored with full text indexing to provide maximum flexibility in finding documents later. You don’t need to know anything about the document you want besides the information you are seeking.

DTN Interfaces

Automate the routine processes involved in downloading and importing Bill of Lading, Credit Card, Supplier Cost, Supplier EFT, and Supplier Invoice.

Equipment Manager

Equipment Manager provides the ability to monitor and report on your customer agreements for loaned equipment to determine if they are being fulfilled.

Field Service Management

Service Maestro, developed by fellow Sage Development Partner IIG Services, integrates seamlessly with Petroleum Insights ERP to handle all your service needs from scheduling service calls, managing your field technicians’ schedules, invoicing for material and labor to costing of contracts.

Home Heat/Propane

Home Heat helps you optimize your delivery efficiency to home heating accounts through Degree-Day, Julian, and Table scheduling.

Retail Solutions

Contact us at to find out about all of the solutions available from PDI.

Major Oil Lubricants Interfaces

Eliminate time consuming double entries and reduce order entry errors for Buybacks, DFOA, Replenishment and VMI Orders and Supplemental Allowances with DM2’s Major Oil Lubricants Interfaces.

Phillips 66 Lubricants Interface

Automate the routine processes involved in handling Buybacks, Purchase Orders and Supplemental Allowances.

Shell Lubricants Interface

Automate the routine processes involved in handling Deliver For Our Account (DFOA) and Purchase Orders.

SkyBitz SMARTruck Integration

Keep your petroleum distribution operation running smoothly by simplifying dispatch and tracking product movement throughout the entire delivery process with our SkyBitz SMARTruck Integration.  Automatically account for shortages, retains and internal transfers with the New Product Movement option!

Truck Automation Interfaces

DM2’s Truck Automation Interfaces keep your petroleum distribution operation running smoothly by simplifying dispatch and tracking product movement throughout the entire delivery process.

Web Portal

Free up your employees to grow your business while providing your customers and dealers with the convenience of accessing their information anytime, anywhere from any web enabled device with DM2’s WebLink Interface and websitepipeline’s Web Portal option.

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