Find out how DM2 is bringing CRM to the petroleum marketing industry.

DM2 Sage Circles - March 8, 2018Petroleum Insights CRM, a standard feature found in all DM2 Petroleum Insights complete accounting/ERP systems, offers unparalleled integration to empower your entire organization from marketing and sales to customer service and support to identify your highest value prospects and customers.  A Sage Development Partner, with over 25 years of experience serving the petroleum marketing industry, DM2 has built on Sage CRM to create Petroleum Insights CRM, a customer relationship management solution designed to meet the unique needs of petroleum marketers.  Unlike other so-called integrated systems that rely on periodic batch imports/exports or expensive API call-outs, Petroleum Insights CRM was designed from the start to be integrated with DM2’s Petroleum Insights complete accounting/ERP system.  Give your marketing, sales, customer service and support staff the real-time access to accurate up-to-the-minute information on your prospects and customers information when and wherever they need it.  Automate your marketing campaigns, reduce your sales cycles and streamline your routine processes all while improving customer satisfaction, customer retention and return on investment.

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CRM Enhancements for Petroleum Marketers

Standard CRM enhancements for the petroleum marketing industry include:

iPad/Surface Optimization – all DM2 enhanced CRM Fields, Screens, Lists & Tabs have been optimized for use on iPad, Surface & other mobile devicesFunnel

DM2 CRM Lead, Opportunity & Case Workflows – standardized sales process workflows based on established major oil company sales processes and case management workflows based on industry best practices.

Opportunity Gallons/GP Statistics Box – view sales opportunity pipelines by gallons and gross margin

DM2 CRM User Adoption Dashboard – monitor CRM usage to measure adoption rates

DM2 Data Access – access to DM2 Petroleum Insight’s ERP system revenue data within CRM.

Ship-To Address Enhancements – assign reps and track communications, opportunities and cases at the address/location level.

Other standard Petroleum Insights CRM enhancements for the petroleum marketing industry include:

Entry-level CRM Reporting, Dashboards & Notifications – standardized Sales Dashboard with My Opportunities, My Calendar and My Accounts and 150+ standard CRM reports and basic automated notifications.

Customer Onboarding Workflow & Dashboard – automates the credit application submission/approval process and set-up of new customers in both CRM and DM2 Petroleum Insight’s ERP system with the press of a button while providing progress notifications to Sales.

New Customer Welcome Communication Workflow – a pre-defined set of documents (ex., Welcome letter, MSDSs, Emergency Contacts, etc…) can be automatically sent out to new customers.

MailChimp LogoMailChimp E-mail Marketing Integration –out-of-the-box integration with optional     MailChimp e-mail services.

Adoption Rate Screen


DM2 CRM Sales Action Dashboard – automatically detects and alerts representatives and sales managers via e-mail notifications when follow-up tasks have not been performed as scheduled. E-mail alerts include direct link to the opportunity that requires attention.


Advanced CRM Features for Petroleum Marketers

Based on our experience working with petroleum marketers, DM2 has also developed the following Advanced CRM Features to give marketers an even higher level of integration and automation:

NEW! – CRM AR Collections Manager – integrate with the Accounts Receivable module to automatically flag overdue invoices. Also provides tools to better monitor and manage the collection call process.

DM2 Mobile Order Entry – generate quotes and submit orders using all the pricing and fuel tax set-up within your DM2 Petroleum Insight’s ERP system.

DM2 ERP AR Customer Memo Sync – automatically adds DM2 Petroleum Insight’s ERP system AR Customer Memos to CRM company notes or communications.

Single CRM/ERP Sign-in eliminates the need for CRM users to login and open a separate DM2 Petroleum Insight’s ERP system screen to access AR Customer Maintenance information.

Equipment Management Workflow – provides an automated process based on industry best practices to track and manage loaned/leased equipment from start to finish.

Entry-level Marketing – create marketing campaigns by import prospecting lists and create target marketing list to manage e-mail and telemarketing campaigns. Provides an interface to optional MailChimp e-mail marketing services.

Chevron LogoIMPROVED! – Project Transform – integrates with Chevron’s mPower platform to provide reporting, sales pipeline, coaching dash-board, KPI metrics and workflows designed to meet Chevron’s Project Transform CRM requirements.

DocuSign Integration – integrate withDocuSign Logo optional DocuSign services to capture signatures and store any document in CRM.

DocuSign PowerForms Integration – integrate with optional DocuSign services to give customers the ability to complete forms on your website and automatically import information into CRM.  

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