What do I need to do to prepare my DM2 CardLink System for the upcoming Pacific Pride Network Conversion?

CardLink - March 8, 2018

As the industry’s leading cardlock billing system provider, DM2 has been working closely with Fleetcor, Pacific Pride and our customers to prepare for the sunset of the Pacific Pride Controller and LOCBILL.CSV File.  With the upcoming Network Conversion fast approaching, we just wanted to provide you with answers to some of the questions we’ve received from customers using CardLink to manage and invoice Pacific Pride and/or CFN card transactions.

What do I need to do to prepare my DM2 CardLink System for the upcoming Pacific Pride Network Conversion?

Pacific Pride is replacing the existing LOCBILL file with a new PTFile transaction file. Since this file format is similar to the CFN PTFile format currently accepted, your CardLink System will only require a slight modification to its Convert/Edit utility to process these new files.  Depending on the version of CardLink you are running, this modification will be provided via a general Product Update (4.50.2 and later) or programming retrofit (4.50.1 and earlier)*.  You MUST have this Product Update or Programming Retrofit installed to process this new Pacific Pride PTFile.

Will this affect the way I’m pricing my Foreign Purchases (Remote), Local Sales (Domestic) and Extended sales?

If you are already using CardLink exclusively to set and adjust the margins used to calculate the selling price for all of your Pacific Pride transactions, you will not need to make any changes.  However, if you are using your Pacific Pride Controller to price Foreign Purchases (Remote), Local Sales (Domestic) and Extended sales, you will need to start using CardLink to set your selling prices for these transactions before your controller is removed.  CardLink offers a variety of standard pricing features that can be easily set-up to help you price these sales.

How is DM2 handling the need to update the new Foreign Site Codes Pacific Pride will be introducing?

We are in the process of working with Pacific Pride to develop a utility to that will convert your Foreign Site codes for you automatically.

What costs will I incur to update my DM2 CardLink System to support the upcoming Pacific Pride Network Conversion?

4.50.2 and later CardLink customers with our Pacific Pride Network Interface will receive a general Product Update and will only incur the Professional Service time required to have this update installed and any subsequent training. In addition, customers running 4.50.1 and earlier (pre-Framework versions), will be charged a fixed fee of $1,000.00 for the extra time required to have these modifications retrofitted.

DM2 is committed to working with you, Fleetcor and Pacific Pride to ensure that your CardLink system is ready to support conversion.  To date, we’ve opened over 50 consulting projects with our Pacific Pride customers to guide them through these changes. Although we are still waiting for some additional information and testing to be completed, we are confident that we will be able to assist with anything that may be required. You can now request Professional Services through PDI Connections. Log in to PDI Connections to get started.

* You MUST be current on your DM2 Software Maintenance and Assistance and Sage Business Care Plans to be eligible to receive product Updates or Programming Retrofits.