Learn how to reduce excess inventory, working capital and stock outs with the new Sage Inventory Advisor

DM2 Software

DM2 Software invites you to attend our “Sage Inventory Advisor” webinar on August 15, 2013 at 11:30am Pacific Time/1:30pm Central Time.  Sage Inventory Advisor is a new, affordable, cloud-based solution that will help you to reduce excess inventory, working capital and stock outs. It connects to your DM2 Petroleum Insights system to deliver health-checks on the inventory that makes a difference to your bottom line, reduce the time you spend forecasting and help you determine the optimal investment required to achieve target fill rates. A web-based and mobile solution, Sage Inventory Advisor is easy to use and slashes time spent on forecasts and ordering. It can be implemented cost effectively and used in just hours. Join Sage Software’s Product Marketing Manager, Fady Abourjeily, to learn how Sage Inventory Advisor will help you:

  • Reduce excess inventory by 10%-15% by continuously monitoring all your inherent inventory risks and setting optimal safety stock to mitigate those risks
  • Reduce working capital and free up 15%-20% of cash tied into inventory by identifying potential problem items and getting inventory level status based on calculated metrics to help make better planning and buying decisions
  • Improve fill rates by 2%-10% and reduce stock outs by analyzing real-time sales and inventory data, produce quality forecasts, and obtain optimal replenishment recommendations for better fill rates
  • Reduce time spent on forecasting by 50% by eliminating manual forecast import/export, calculations and dynamically transmitting            inventory and forecast data for calculation and analysis

Les Johnson, the Controller for Hubert Glass Oil and current DM2 customer, will also be joining us to share how he has been able to use Sage Inventory Advisor to transform Hubert Glass Oil’s purchasing process and save more than $300,000.00.

Who should attend?

  • Owners, Executives, CFOs and Controllers responsible for optimizing inventory levels and maximizing working capital
  • Sales and Business Line Managers responsible for forecasting, order fulfillment and reducing excessive inventory
  • Administrative personnel involved in managing and reporting on your inventory

Attend DM2’s “Sage Inventory Advisor” webinar to learn how this new, easy to use, web-based solution will help you reduce excess inventory, working capital and stock outs.

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