Introducing DeliveryLink – DM2’s New In-truck Dispatcher/Driver Communications


Works with your existing Android, Apple and Microsoft mobile devices

Looking for a low cost, easy to deploy system your dispatchers, drivers and common carriers can use to electronically send fuel transport pick-up and delivery information directly to and from your Petroleum Insights system using the cloud and virtually any off-the-shelf mobile devices, like Android, Apple and Microsoft tablets and Smartphones? Look no further.

DeliveryLink, DM2 Software’s new cloud-connected, in-truck dispatch/driver communications system, provides your dispatchers, drivers and common carriers with a seamlessly integrated paperless system for scheduling fuel pick-ups and deliveries using a secure cloud connection and your existing off-the-shelf mobile devices. DeliveryLink is a Web Application that supports a wide variety of off-the-shelf hardware options, so you are not locked in to using expensive, dedicated handheld devices. DeliveryLink is made up of two components—a web based client application and a server side connector to interface to your Petroleum Insights system making it easy to deploy. And, because DeliveryLink is a fully hosted by DM2, you won’t need to invest in a new server to use DeliveryLink. The only special equipment required is a smart device with Internet connectivity and a HTML5 supported browser. This means that your drivers can use virtually any Apple, Android or Microsoft tablet or Smartphone to send and receive fuel transport pick-up and delivery information.

Find out how DeliveryLink can help streamline your delivery process and improve your margins.