DM2 Software Invites You to Attend Our “Go Mobile!” Webinar

DM2 Software invites you to attend our “Go Mobile!” webinar on May 16, 2013 at 11:30am Pacific Time/1:30pm Central Time.  Join Rob Pierce, DM2’s Vice President of Professional Services, and Chris Lemonier, DM2’s Vice President of Technology, to learn how you can start accessing your key Petroleum Insights financial/Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Business Intelligence (BI) information using your mobile devices without the “cloud” or expensive software applications. DM2’s mobile options will help you increase your productivity when you’re out of the office. Join us to learn:

– What it means to “Go Mobile!”?

– Why Go Mobile?  – benefits of adopting a mobile strategy

– Does hardware really matter? – SmartPhones and/or Tablets – what devices make sense for  your organization?

– When is an App an App? – apps, web apps, HTML5, CSS3 – what does it all mean?

– How to Secure Your Data – keeping your data safe from Hackers

– How to access your DM2 Financial/ERP, CRM and BI data using mobile technology
– How to get started on your mobile initiatives

Who should attend?

–          Owners and other Top Executives involved in developing your company’s mobile strategy

–          CEOs, Sales Managers and Business Line Managers looking to utlize mobile devices to increase productivity

–          IT personnel involved in supporting your mobile infrastructure and technical requirements

Attend DM2’s “Go Mobile!” webinar to learn how easily and inexpensively you can access your key ERP, CRM and BI data.

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Thsi webinar is reserved for DM2 customers only.

DM2, a Sage Software Master Developer and Reseller since 1991, uses Sage ERP 100 (formerly Sage ERP MAS 90 and 200) and Sage CRM, ERP (enterprise resource planning) and CRM (customer relationship management) systems designed for general wholesale distribution applications, to develop, sell and support Petroleum Insights, a fully integrated accounting/ERP and CRM system designed specifically for petroleum marketers. DM2’s Petroleum Insights system offers all of the core financials, fuel, lubricants, home heat/propane, cardlock, c-store, supply chain automation, advanced business analytics, customer relationship management, fixed assets, paperless office and ecommerce modules petroleum marketers need to manage and grow their businesses. For information on DM2 Software products and services, e-mail,, call (800) 866-5151, or visit the DM2 Software website at