DM2 Software Announces the Latest Release of it’s Petroleum Insights Complete Accounting, ERP and CRM System

VANCOUVER, WA, August 1, 2012 — DM2 Software, Inc., a leading provider of business-management software solutions for petroleum marketers, is pleased to announce the latest release of its Petroleum Insights complete accounting, enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management system. The new 4.40.3 release offers a host of new features, ranging from support of five new Axxis Supply Chain Automation Interfaces to support of ExxonMobil’s new STRIPES system, as well as automatically applying surcharges based on their effective date to truck and driver productivity tracking fields. These new features will help ensure that all of the costs associated with the sale and delivery of petroleum products are accurately accounted while making the system easier to maintain. 

“DM2 Software has responded to our customers’ requests to provide them with more automation and reporting,” said Chris Lemonier, DM2 Software’s Vice President of Technology. “Since the release of the 4.40 version of Petroleum Insights we added over 50 new automation and reporting-related features.”

In addition to supporting our existing suite of DTN Supply Chain Automation Interfaces, now supports a complete suite of Axxis Interfaces. These new optional interfaces will save users time and money by reducing manual entries and their associated errors as well as ensuring that the most current, up to date information is being used in their Petroleum Insights systems.  The following new optional Axxis Supply Chain Automation Interfaces are now available: Fuel Pricing, Bill of Lading, Dealer Credit Card, Accounts Payable Invoice and Accounts Payable Vendor EFT.                                                               

The new 4.40.3 release also includes an update to DM2’s optional Exxon/Mobil Pegmost Lubricants Interface to support the new STRIPES system that ExxonMobil converted to on July 1, 2012. The file layouts to the existing interface have been changed to match the new layouts ExxonMobil introduced.

To make adding and updating freight surcharges even easier, now gives users the ability to enter and automatically apply freight surcharges based on their effective dates.  And, unlike previous versions, multiple surcharge rates can now be entered for each carrier.

Truck and Driver fields have also been added to Bill of Lading Entry in to give users the ability to generate truck and driver productivity tracking reports using SQL Datawarehouse Reporting tool that comes standard in everyPetroleum Insights system to track your trucks’ and/or drivers’ productivity.  

DM2, a Sage Software Master Developer and Reseller since 1991, uses Sage ERP 100 (formerly Sage ERP MAS 90 and 200) and Sage CRM, ERP (enterprise resource planning) and CRM (customer relationship management) systems designed for general wholesale distribution applications, to develop, sell and support Petroleum Insights, a fully integrated accounting/ERP and CRM system designed specifically for petroleum marketers. DM2’s Petroleum Insights system offers all of the core financials, fuel, lubricants, home heat/propane, cardlock, c-store, supply chain automation, advanced business analytics, customer relationship management, fixed assets, paperless office and ecommerce modules petroleum marketers need to manage and grow their businesses. For information on DM2 Software products and services, e-mail,, call (800) 866-5151, or visit the DM2 Software website at