DM2 Software Announces the Latest Release of it’s Petroleum Insights Complete Accounting, ERP and CRM System

DM2 Software

DM2 Software, Inc. is pleased to announce the latest release of its Petroleum Insights complete accounting, enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management system. The new 4.50 release offers several new pricing-related features to help make managing and maintaining customer pricing even easier than ever. Here are some of the new pricing features that are available in this new release:

  • For enhanced visibility when pulling from multiple racks, a new Fuel Pricing Inquiry has been added to the Accounts Receivable Customer and Ship To Location screens. This new view includes freight, fees and taxes.
  • For enhanced visibility when delivering across multiple racks, new pricing and cost views are now available as a menu selection in the PetroLink and Sales Order screens. This gives marketers the ability to generate a new Sales Order with Supplier/Rack information by line or update an existing Sales Order with this information once the dispatcher determines the best place to pull product. Outbox, the fax and e-mail client that comes standard with every Petroleum Insights system, can then use to easily fax or email to marketers’ common carriers.
  • The Wholesale Price Quotes feature has been expanded to give marketers the ability to send price quotes for multiple racks to a customer in an Excel spreadsheet or Crystal Reports form.  This new feature also gives marketers the ability to easily send price quotes for multiple Ship To Locations in one document.
  • The Contract Pricing feature has been improved to make it easier to manage and set-up contracts. By no longer forcing marketers to enter a contract End Date, contracts can remain open until the contract quantity has been depleted. If left blank, the contract Start Date defaults to the system date, so the only date field required to set-up a contract is the Setup Date. A new Refresh On Order and Invoice Quantities icon has been added giving marketers the ability to quickly search through current orders, order history and invoices to easily update customer contracts’ On Order and Sold quantities.
  • To help make establishing pricing for product sales easier and more efficient, a new Pricing Groups feature has been added to give marketers the ability to create pricing group templates for Inventory Items and Accounts Receivable customers and easily assign them to customers.
  • To help make managing and accounting for freight charges and fees easier, a new Freight Tier Pricing and Minimum Gallon Fees feature has been added to Bill of Lading. This new feature gives marketers the ability to automatically calculate and apply a minimum flat freight rate if the maximum gallons associated with a specific tier are not delivered.
  • The Sales Order pricing feature has been improved so that fuel sales not processed using the Bill of Lading module  are automatically re-calculated based on the actual Ship Date and quantity shipped.  This new feature will also automatically re-calculate lubricant and non-fuel product sales whenever the Ship Date, Ship Time or Quantity changes. When selected, the Price Lock feature will override this feature.
  • Inventory Pricing has been expanded from 5 to 10 tiers to give marketers the ability to more closely match pricing bobtail deliveries and improve margins.

In addition to all of the new pricing features, DM2 and Sage have added dozens of new petroleum marketing and general accounting/enterprise planning system features to 4.50.

DM2, a Sage Software Master Developer and Reseller since 1991, uses Sage 100 ERP (formerly Sage ERP MAS 90 and MAS 200) and Sage CRM, ERP (enterprise resource planning) and CRM (customer relationship management) systems designed for general wholesale distribution applications, to develop, sell and support Petroleum Insights, a fully integrated accounting/ERP and CRM system designed specifically for petroleum marketers. DM2’s Petroleum Insights system offers all of the core financials, fuel, lubricants, home heat/propane, cardlock, c-store, supply chain automation, advanced business analytics, customer relationship management, fixed assets, paperless office and ecommerce modules petroleum marketers need to manage and grow their businesses. For information on DM2 Software products and services, e-mail , call (800) 866-5151, or visit the DM2 Software website at