What’s New In Sage CRM v7.3?

What's New In Sage CRM v7.3? Updated: November 14, 2015 New Sage CRM v7.3 ‘Contemporary’ Interface   Server-Side Mobile App for iPhone/Android The iPhone/Android server-side mobile app is significantly improved for Sage CRM … [Read more...]

New DM2 University CRM Sales Bootcamp Session 1: Habits of Successful Sales People Web-based Class Now Available!

Have you wondered what makes certain salespeople so productive? They close more business. They’re focused throughout the day. They’re confidence level is high. They also have and use the right tools to get the job done! You’ve got the #1 CRM tool on … [Read more...]

DM2 Software Announces the Latest Release of it’s Petroleum Insights Complete Accounting, ERP and CRM System

DM2 Software, Inc. is pleased to announce the latest release of its Petroleum Insights complete accounting, enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management system. The new 4.50 release offers several new pricing-related features to … [Read more...]

New DM2 University Introduction to Sage Business Insights Web-based Training Class Now Available!

DM2 is now offering a new “Introduction to Sage Business Insights” web-based training class. Join Denise Austin, DM2 Professional Services Consultant and Sage Certified Trainer, to learn how to get the most out of this standard feature that is … [Read more...]

Learn how to reduce excess inventory, working capital and stock outs with the new Sage Inventory Advisor

DM2 Software invites you to attend our “Sage Inventory Advisor” webinar on August 15, 2013 at 11:30am Pacific Time/1:30pm Central Time.  Sage Inventory Advisor is a new, affordable, cloud-based solution that will help you to reduce excess inventory, … [Read more...]